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Making the most of K500: Printable market data

Making the most of K500: Printable market data 10th May 2020

We’re often asked to provide market data from K500 in a saveable PDF format, so that it can be sent, shared, filed, printed and so on. Our new tool makes it simple for any subscriber to create a ‘clean’ PDF of K500 Guide data on a specific model, in order to save and view it offline.

You might want to take the print-out to a viewing, as a buying or selling tool. Or perhaps store it with your car’s history file. Dealers often like to email the K500 Guide data to customers, as a truly independent and reliable overview of a model and its current market status.

Saving a printable PDF is as simple as this:

•    Log into K500 and click on THE GUIDE at the top of the page.
•    Choose the model you’re interested in – and click
•    On the right-hand side of the market info page, just under the graph, you’ll see a DOWNLOAD PDF button (you’ll need to be logged in as a subscriber to see this)
•    Click on DOWNLOAD PDF and it will create a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute analysis of your chosen model, with background, values, graphs, etc.

Just one caveat: K500 relies on subscribers, so we respectfully ask that our unique market data isn’t copied and widely distributed. Sending a PDF to an individual who isn’t (yet) a subscriber is fine, but please don’t use the PDF or the data indiscriminately. (To this end, you’ll see that the subscriber’s name is printed at the foot of the document.)