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RM’s March 2021 online sale grosses $5.4m

RM’s March 2021 online sale grosses $5.4m 1st April 2021

The Canadians held another online sale over eight days and once again offered cars in different locations and currencies. Based on on-the-day conversion, the sale grossed ca. $5.4m with 60 per cent of the catalogue finding new owners.

The 94 cars were split into North American (USD) and European (STG, EURO and USD). The latter supplied the top-selling car, though it was located in the United Arab Emirates. Try explaining that to the European Commission.

At a glance:

* Gross, motor cars: $5,382,517 (equivalent at on-the-day exchange rates)
* Percentage sold by number: 60%
* Top-selling car: 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta $500,500 gross, $455,000 net (est. $475k to $550k, pictured, top)

The online catalogue did not pretend to offer anything of great import, packed as it was with regular auction fare and included the now obligatory section of modern performance Porsches and an unloved DB-era Aston Martin. The 1970 DB6 Mk 2 Vantage sold for a modest £214,500 all-in, though did clear upper estimate.

The 458 Speciale Aperta was a Ferrari VIP Tailor Made car – it has a stripe down the side – first delivered to the US. It lost the chromed wheels before it left the US, but retained other eye-catching features such as yellow belts and Blu Indigo paintwork.

RM Sotheby’s Open Roads online only, 17-25 March 2021 – results

Total gross cars: $5,382,517 (equivalent at on-the-day exchange rates)
Number of cars not sold: 38
Number of cars withdrawn: 1
Total number of cars: 94
Number sold: 56
Percentage cars sold by number: 60%
Percentage of cars sold below low estimate: 63%
Percentage of cars sold not met avge of estimates: 88%
Percentage of cars sold met/exceeded top estimate: 16%
Average value of cars sold: $96,116 (equivalent at on-the-day exchange rates)
Average year of cars offered: 1982
Percentage of cars offered at No Reserve: 16%

Photo by RM Sotheby’s