Street life: Monterey Week starts here

Street life: Monterey Week starts here 14th August 2019

You know it’s ‘car week’ on the Peninsula when a Ferrari 365 GTC/4 in vibrant Arancio Vaguely Noble – yes, really – is parked up next to a Jägermeister Porsche 934 in normally sedate Carmel-by-the-Sea. We bring you the action from today’s Concours on the Avenue.

The bright Ferrari (above, right) sums up the ethos of five days of high-octane action in Carmel, Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel Valley. “Isn’t that Rosso Dino?” “No,” the owner replied, patiently – and this must have been the tenth time that morning – “it’s Arancio Vaguely.” Channelling my best Bob Newhart, I said slowly, “Oh-kay.. sir, let’s see. Do you mean veglia or somesuch?” No, he didn’t. Arancio Vaguely is actually Arancio Vaguely Noble, one in a series of Ferrari colours named after famous racehorses. It might not trip off the tongue, but then again: Nero Dark Ronald, anyone? You learn something every day.

Just one example of ‘car guy’ talk in Carmel a few hours ago. Corny it might be, but this is what drives ‘our hobby’ forwards. Auctions, values and investment can wait a day or so. Today in Carmel was about the people and the cars, the bubbling enthusiasm of like-minded folk in a small town on the Monterey Peninsula.

Roving photographer Tim Scott was the man behind the lens in Carmel. We bring you a flavour of the best of the 2019 Concours on the Avenue.

Photos by Tim Scott, Fluid Images
Photos by Tim Scott, Fluid Images