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1994-1998 McLaren F1

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The Low Down

Sometimes termed the ‘thinking man’s supercar’, for seven years the McLaren F1 was the fastest road car you could buy, achieving a 242.95mph maximum in 1998. McLaren boss Ron Dennis and designer Gordon Murray ...

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Simon Says

“When you can mention the model without needing to specify the maker – think ‘GTO’ – you know it’s something special. No car made in the last 40 years is more special – or valuable – than this”


Years built: 1994-1998
Make: McLaren
Model: F1
Coachbuilder: Factory
Body: Coupe
Engine Size: 6100cc BMW V12
Bhp: 627
0-60 secs: 3.2 secs
Top Speed Mph: 242.95 mph
Category: Hypercar
Event Eligibility: Marque Events

Did You Know?

In 2011, F1-owner, actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson had a road accident in his McLaren. Taking two years to painstakingly rebuild the car to its original specification, McLaren Cars presented Atki...