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K500 Collector’s Toolkit – Tips to track your investments

As a subscriber, you have access to the full K500 Collector’s Toolkit. It’s quick and easy to chart trends in the market value of your collection; to search for every auction sale since 1994 of a specific chassis number; to follow changes in the value of specific makes and models over time… plus very much more. Here are some tips for getting the most out of K500:

Search past sales by chassis number

Discover what was paid for a specific car in the K500 Index at every auction since 1994. When logged into K500, you can either use the yellow ‘Search by Chassis’ button at the top of any page or, on The Index page, scroll down to the ‘Search Individual Chassis Number’ box (underneath the graph). Start typing the chassis number – for example, 8603. A minimum of three characters is required: after that, the more characters you type, the fewer the results.

Click on the chosen car/chassis number and a graph will appear, giving auction results for a) that particular chassis number and b) other examples of that model, from 1994 to today.

Create ‘My Collection’ to follow your cars’ market performance

When logged into K500, click on the ‘Your Collection’ button at the very top of any page and it will take you to ‘My K500’, where you can create up to four separate collections. Click ‘Add Another Collection’ and use the ‘Add More Cars’ button to take you to the full list of K500 cars – where you select your models by clicking on ‘Collect’ in the right-hand column.

From the ‘My K500’ page, you can view a graph for each collection, showing how values have changed over time – both for your chosen models, and for your collection as a whole.

Compare values of makes and models – in a graph

Click on the yellow ‘View Car Graphs’ button at the top of any page and it will take you to The Index page. Here you will see a graph showing the performance of different sectors of the market (Ferrari post-1973, or Porsche, for example) over time. You can toggle between Index, showing how prices have evolved against a common starting point of 100, and Average Values for that sector since 1994.

But here’s the clever bit. When logged into K500, you can use the dropdown menus under the graph to select specific makes and models – and create a bespoke graph of your own to compare their market performance.

Adjust the time-frames of your search

While K500 compiles auction results going back to 1994, you might want to see only the last 5 years but in clearer detail. On The Index page, scroll down to the ‘Show Auction Data From’ box (underneath the graph) and select your chosen timescale from the dropdown menu – anything from just 1 year, to the full spread of years back to 1994.

Get a clearer view by homing in on certain sectors

Graphs of the K500 Index are a powerful way to compare different models or sectors of the market, but sometimes you want a clearer view of just one or two sectors. That’s easy. De-select a sector by clicking on its name in the x-axis of the graph and the line disappears. Click again, and it’s reinstated.

Change your K500 password and/or credit card details

Having logged in, click on the ‘Your Collection’ button at the very top of any page and it will take you to ‘My K500’. Here you will find ‘My Profile’ in a yellow box on the right, just under the ‘My K500’ headline. Click on this and you will see a screen with your personal details, where you can update your password (at the bottom of the page). If your card expires, you will be informed of this when logging in. Simply continue to the profile page where you will be able to either update your credit card details or choose PayPal as your payment method. Please note, these payment options only show if your latest payment has failed.

Renewing your account

Our payment partner retains credit card details in order to manage K500 subscriptions. Occasionally, however, your card might have expired, be reported lost, or for other security reasons be declined.

If your renewal is due and any of these events have occurred, you will see this message (right). Simply click on ‘My Profile’ where you will be able to update (or change) your credit card details. Email us on for further help.