The Market


How We Calculate The Ratings


An explanation of the ratings used in the K500.

Not all are born equal. However many cheerleaders each individual Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche (or any of the 500 cars in the K500) might have, on a scale of zero to 100 there has to be a car at the summit, others near the top, some at base camp and many just passing through customs at Kathmandu.

Our ratings are the result of years of experience in the world of valuable classic cars. We know the true ‘blue chip’, ‘investment grade’ cars and have rated them accordingly.


If it ever came to market, the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR ‘Uhlenhaut Coupé’ would merit 100 points. We have rated just one car a single digit off that perfect score: the iconic Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic.

A superb roadgoing Ferrari, the 250 GT Lusso, is a 72-point car. It’s wonderful, and has experienced dramatic growth in the last 10 years, but for reasons of relatively high production and a more ‘grand touring’ driving experience, we consider it a touch under the 275 GTB (73 points) but just eclipsing the 70-point ‘Daytona’.


Further down, there are ‘starter classics’ such as the Fiat 500 (15 points), the VW Golf GTi (20 points) and ‘The Graduate’s Alfa Spider, at 25 points.

Can an R-Type Bentley Continental be on a par with a pre-War Mercedes-Benz 500K at 74 points? We think so, and have rated both accordingly.

Do enjoy the ratings. They are based on knowledge of what collectors covet, and experience of the market and, we believe, are the best informed in the world.