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RM’s new Cliveden House sale grosses £7.9m

13th June 2024

$4.9m Lamborghini Miura SV heads RM’s blockbuster ‘sneakers-to-supercars’ auction

‘Dare to dream?’ ‘Hard to explain’ better describes some of the sums paid for sometimes only average entries at RM’s everything-must-go auction of items from the relatively recently assembled collection of Canadian entrepreneur and phila...

RM steps up its game to sell Miles Nadal’s ‘Ultimate Sneaker Collection’

One of the great things about being fabulously wealthy (so I’m told) is that one has the means to make impulsive purchases, writes Simon de Burton. Back in 1995, prolific Concorde user Farhad Azima was enjoying a light breakfast at Claridge...

This year’s Monte Carlo classic car auctions: the K500 market snapshot

The headline figures tell one story, but without interpretation you won’t get the full picture. The 2024 auctions held during the Grand Prix Historique weekend produced a record combined gross of over €74m at a healthy 80% sold by number. But ...

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