The Market


How We Calculate The Values


From model to model, the spread in price from ‘Average’ to ‘Excellent’ can vary greatly. Any Ferrari 250 GT SWB or California Spider will be highly desirable, rare and valuable. ‘Condition’ for these cars comes a distant second to originality, exact specification (e.g. ‘open vs. closed headlamps’) and period history. We have tried to reflect this in the model descriptions, so do take note of our specific tips in the car text, available to members.

In addition to ‘from the saleroom’ insider information by Simon and the team, K500 draws on a wealth of knowledge from marque and model experts worldwide, to ensure that values are kept up to date.


An immaculate car, which might win the best national concours and not be embarrassed at Pebble Beach. 'Matching numbers', proper documentation and undisputed history essential.

The condition most commonly found: cars that look good from a short distance and drive well, but show signs of use. Assume 'matching numbers', 'no stories' and basic documentation.


This is how all old cars used to look, before they became valuable: in scruffy, ‘driving’ condition, perhaps with a non-matching-numbers engine but one of the correct type. Little in the way of paperwork, and often found for sale in the classifieds or at provincial auction houses.

What auctioneers refer to as a ‘barn-find’. These cars usually require major restoration, but are complete – or at least come with a high proportion of original parts.