The Market


What is K500?

Many years in development, constantly updated and calculated using over 30,000 individual data points, the K500 Index is the most accurate tool for tracking the market for collectors’ cars. From a base of 100 in 1994, the overall Index shows how the values of 500 cars change over time.

Each K500 car has been carefully selected for its intrinsic collectability, and these cars are then categorised into such sectors as ‘Ferrari Post-1973’ or ‘Pre-War European’. Much like the FTSE 100, new cars come into the Index and others – no longer in the collectors’ spotlight – are removed. It’s a fast-moving world and K500 keeps up with trends in the marketplace, bringing the latest must-haves such as the McLaren P1 and more modern Porsches into the Index and taking out models no longer in favour, perhaps from the 1930s.

Every K500 car has a detailed description – often including production figures and advice on which one to have – as well as historical auction results and graphs charting its index since 1994, along with a regression curve, often the best measure of current value.

K500 subscribers have powerful tools at their disposal that enable them to see not only how the overall market has reacted over time, but also how sectors and K500 cars have performed over any timescale, from one to 23 years, right back to 1994.

And comparative charting enables models, marques and sectors to be measured against one another. So, a Maserati Ghibli can be compared with a Ferrari ‘Daytona’, or Maserati as a marque vs Ferrari. And of course this can be split down over a one-year to 23-year period.

Creating a K500 ‘collection’ enables subscribers to concentrate on the cars that interest them most.

Because all K500 cars are entered by chassis number, subscribers can search by chassis. Want to know if that forthcoming auction entry has been sold before? Simply type in the chassis number and K500 tells you when, where and for how much. It will also highlight multiple sales.

K500’s expertise is rooted in many decades of combined experience advising the world’s top collectors and commenting on the market. Simon Kidston and Steve Wakefield attend all the major international sales. Through daily email updates, K500 subscribers are the first to hear of the mood in the saleroom and the provisional results.

Our guiding principle is to offer K500 subscribers no-nonsense advice and straight-talking auction reporting – very often the low-down the auction house doesn’t want you to know.

With live data, constantly updated results and from-the- event reporting, K500 is the most extensive guide ever produced; and an essential tool for the serious car collector.