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1995-1997 Ferrari F50

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The Low Down

Such was the success of Alain Prost's 641 Formula 1 car, and a perceived-at-the-time disappointment in the F40 for not delivering raw, ‘Formula 1’ performance, Ferrari’s élite clienti put pressure o...

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Simon Says

“Dismissed for years as an ugly duckling, it’s Formula 1-derived V12 engine and resolved handling have rehabilitated it recently as the darling of the supercar collector’s world. U.S. versions command a premium in America”


Years built: 1995-1997
Make: Ferrari
Model: F50
Coachbuilder: Pininfarina
Body: Convertible/ Roadster
Engine Size: 4968cc V12
Bhp: 512
0-60 secs: 3.7 secs
Top Speed Mph: 202 mph
Category: Hypercar
Event Eligibility: Marque Events

Did You Know?

Of all three Anniversary Edition Ferraris, the F40, F50 and Enzo, the F50 is very much the middle child; too often overlooked and unappreciated, despite being 15 per cent rarer than the younger Enz...