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1987-1988 Porsche 959

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The Low Down

In the mid-eighties the Porsche 959 was the pin-up dream car of every schoolboy. With its near-200mph top speed, 6-speed gearbox and mesmerising array of electronic systems, it seemed to have more of everything than almost any ...

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Simon Says

“Four-wheel-drive turbo techno-fest. At one time the fastest car in the world, thanks to its 195mph top speed. Don’t ask what it costs to run”


Years built: 1987-1988
Make: Porsche
Model: 959
Coachbuilder: Factory
Body: Coupe
Engine Size: 2994cc turbocharged flat-six
Bhp: 450
0-60 secs: 3.6 secs
Top Speed Mph: 195 mph
Category: Supercar
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Did You Know?

Porsche had bought a 4wd Jensen in the 1960s to see how the British company used the Ferguson Formula all-wheel-drive system. The Typ 961’s seventh place at Le Mans in 1986 was the first...