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Pagani’s gift to future collectors

Pagani’s gift to future collectors 8th May 2020

Pagani has published a ‘registry’ of every Zonda that has ever been built, since the first Zonda C12 in 1999, including chassis numbers and outline technical details.

As Horacio Pagani explains, “We decided to create this document to share information that may be
useful for Zonda owners, for those who dream of one day seeing a Zonda in their collection and industry experts alike.”

It’s easy to imagine how different the life of a collector, or a business such as ours, would be if such records were available for collectable cars built many decades ago. Unravelling accurate facts on the identity and provenance of, say, a 1960s Ferrari or Aston Martin is a hugely time-consuming task for the specialist. If only the great manufacturers had, from a model’s birth, compiled a reliable list of every car, every chassis number – and every component. Because Pagani’s assistance to collectors of the future doesn’t end with the outline facts. In the words of Pagani himself:

“The history of each car that leaves our Atelier is cataloged within our digital and printed archives that contains all useful information starting from the birth of the project. Each page bears the signature of the colleague who built, assembled and tested that precise component and who oversaw each operation. Not only do we precisely know the bill of materials of every individual car, but we have also aspired to have a thorough service history for our cars.”

We can only dream of such a resource for K500 cars on the market today. But will the Pagani Zonda Registry genuinely lead to higher future values for the Zonda? Possibly, yes, but more important in our opinion is the fact that the Zonda is (Horacio Pagani again) “a very simple and communicative car with minimal electronics. A car which is easy to service and work on”.


Photo by Pagani